About Madeleine Matar

Madeleine Michel Matar is a Lebanese singer, born in Mount Lebanon.
Madeleine was affected since her childhood by art, singing and music, and grew up to hear the voice of Umm Kalthoum, Fairouz and Asmahan.
Her love for singing pushed her to study the origins of Oriental singing at the Higher National Institute in Lebanon.
Madeleine met at the Institute of Music many artists and composers, including Wadih El Safi, according to his experience he discovered the talent of Madeleine and her vocal abilities, so he took her with him to London to join him in a charity concert for the Lebanese community in London. Madeleine has achieved great success in this party and praised by the newspapers, this was her entry into the scene of art from the great door.

Madeleine took part in the television program "Kaes El Noujoum" on the Lebanese satellite channel LBCI, and won the Cup, of the Tunisian singer Latifa.
Madeleine has released her first song titled: "Law Yousifou" in a joint tape with a group of young artists, the song has achieved a great success and reported by radio and television stations specialized in music.
Madeleine Matar occurred since the year 2001 a contract with Rotana, which released her first album "Raydah", followed in the year 2003 by the album "Ala Bali Hawak” and in 2006, her third album "Bahebak Wa Dari" and each album included eight songs. and she had also 2 Egyptian Movies.
Madeleine Have also many single songs, the last one its "Ta3bani". and shes working on her new single songs the first one "Iraqi" and the second "Egyptian".


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